Clean Eating … Wheat Free – Gluten Free – Sugar Free
Dairy Free – Paleo – Raw – Vegan – Organics

The J.BAR staff will gladly indicate where any exceptions are taken.

We are so grateful to begin our third season of business and we are offering great promotional items in store for your convenience & lots, lots more.

We promise… J.BAR is well worth the trip to
“Feed Yourself Healthy”


    • Fresh Juices


    • Breather

      pineapple, pear & mint

    • Clarity

      kale, celery, lemon, apple

    • Motivate

      carrot, cucumber, kale & lemon

    • Purpose

      carrot, cucumber, celery, & beet

    • Strength

      spinach, celery, cucumber & apple

    • Vision

      carrot, beet, apple & ginger

    • Endurance

      grapefruit lemon apple & spinach

    • Glow

      pear apple cucumber & mint

    • Riser

      orange carrot tumeric & beet

    • Sparkle

      grapefruit kale orange & lemon

    • Juice Shots

    • Wheatgrass Shot

    • Ginger Shot

    • Turmeric Shot

    • Beet Power Shot

    • Lemon & Ginger Detox Shot

    • Turmeric & Beet Fuel Shot

    • The Brave - Turmeric, Ginger & Lemon

    • Smoothies

      Blend with your choice of ONE liquid base: unfiltered apple juice, unsweetened hemp milk, unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk or in-house filtered water.

    • Lunch Date

      strawberries, banana, apples, almonds & dried dates

    • Bluestreak

      blueberries, banana, apple, walnuts & dried figs

    • Banana Velvet

      raspberries, apple, banana, almonds & raw cacao nibs

    • Mave Berry

      strawberries, blueberries, raspberries & lemon

    • Fruit Estate

      peaches, pears, apples & ceylon cinnamon

    • South Pacific

      banana, pineapple, mango & coconut shreds

    • Green Bang

      cold brew iced coffee, spinach, banana, dried dates & maca powder

    • P.B. Boom

      peanut butter, apple, banana, dried dates & raw cacao nibs

    • M.O. & Jelly

      strawberries, raspberries, banana, peanut butter & raw honey

    • Swaying Palm

      mango, dried figs, banana & raw cacao nibs

    • Supplements

      Charge up your smoothie by mixing in one or more
      of our health charging supplements

    • Supplement Choices

      Bee Pollen
      Cacao Nibs
      Chia Seeds
      Hemp Seeds
      Maca Powder
      Fresh Mixed Greens
      Raw Honey
      Almond Butter
      Ceylon Cinnamon
      Peanut Butter
      Coconut Oil
      Raw Coconut Sugar
      Nutritional Yeast
      Raw Oats
      Sunflower Seeds
      Turmeric Powder

      Additional Supplements Available:

      E3 Live
      Sprout Living Brand - Ultra Clean Plant Protein


    • Almost Raw Sandwiches

      Served on your choice of:
      Food for life brand - sprouted ezekiel bread or burger bun or millet bread

    • Earth

      shredded carrots, shredded beets,fresh greens,
      sliced cucumbers, sesame tahini & Himalayan pink salt.

    • Garden

      avocado, shredded carrots, beets,
      fresh greens, sliced cucumber & Himalayan pink salt.

    • Bliss

      almond butter, cacao nibs & raw honey.

    • Sweet

      sliced banana, raw honey, ceylon cinnamon & almond butter

    • P. Bee Berry

      peanut butter, raw honey, blueberries

    • Simple

      avocado, tahini, sliced cucumber & fresh greens

    • A - Plus

      hummus avacado fresh greens & shredded carrots

    • Rose Baby

      hummus fresh greens cucumber & shredded beets

    • Salads

    • J.Bar Big~Bowl House Salad

      mixed greens, kale, shredded beets, shredded carrots, celery, chopped parsley, chopped apple pieces, sliced cucumber, sliced avacado, raw hemp seeds, served with a serving of j. Bar house salad dressing

    • J.Bar Mediterranean Salad

      mixed greens, chopped kale, shredded beets, celery, chopped parsley, sliced cucumbers, hummus & tabouli, served with 2 oz. house salad dressing

    • J.Bar Harvest Salad

      mixed greens, chopped kale, shredded beets, shredded carrots, celery, chopped parsley, sliced cucumbers, brown rice & quinoa topped with sunflower seeds & served with 2 oz. Jbar house salad dressing

    • J.Bar Signature House~Salad Dressing

    • pure & perfect house made signature salad dressing....

      Available for purchase! enjoy at home, the beach, work or your next social gathering or getaway.  Tastes great on everything!

    • Acai J.Bowls

    • Knucks J.Bowl

      $1.00 of sales per knucks bowl will be donated
      to the Monomoy High School Class of 2019.

      almond milk, acai berry, banana & blueberries blended to perfection & beautifully topped with sliced banana, raspberries, muesli, raw coconut sugar, shredded coconut & chia seeds.

    • Sweet Alkaline J.Bowl

      almond milk, fresh kale, & spinach,  açai berry & mangoes - blended to perfection & beautifully topped with sliced banana, raspberries, muesli, shredded coconut & chia seeds

    • J.Bar Grab & Go Foods

    • J.Bar Raw Zucchini Alfredo

    • J.Bar Tabouli Cup

    • J.Bar Hummus Cup

    • J.Bar Grain Cup

    • J.Bar Amazing Puddings

    • J.Bar Raw Fruity~Chia Pudding

      our fresh fruit compote blend layered with our very own chia pudding recipe

    • J.Bar Raw Cacao~Avocado Pudding

      raw cacao perfectly mixed with ripened avacados - blended to perfection

    • J.Bar Cereal Cup

      organic muesli mixed with almonds & dates -

      Served with a complementary serving of your liquid choice

    • J.Bar Treats

      Our pure, and delicious made in house raw treats
      – perfect morning, noon or night

    • J.Baes

      a perfect happy healthy pick you up snack to fuel your day.

    • J.Balls

      our signature date bar shaped as a fun non~bouncing ball – makes an amazing nutritious energizing treat or snack anytime of the day

    • the "J.Bar"

      a delicious wholesome feel good bar – refuel before or after exercise – a pure guilt free bar enjoy morning noon or night

    • Cold~Iced J.Bar Drinks

      fire up your day and feel fantastic with a 20 oz. serving
      of one of our health kicking iced cold drinks

    • Equal Exchange Cold Brew Iced Coffee

    • J.Bar Detox Drinks

      These pure & powerful elixirs will truly fuel your everyday.

      acv cold one
      tumeric gold
      tulsi wellness drink