A pink J Bar smoothie is held up in front of an inspirational mural

About J. Bar

Just steps from the center of beautiful Harwich Port, J. Bar is Cape Cod’s coolest & healthiest vegan cafe & juice bar. Serving only plant based foods, our menu is made up from wholesome fresh fruits, vegetables and real unprocessed ingredients. Each item is hand crafted for your order using the finest raw and living superfoods. It’s the kind of food a body needs to feel healthy, alive, energized and vibrant – while also tasting fantastic!

"Feed Yourself Healthy"

We take great pride in supplying our customers with the best foods for clean eating. We welcome every special dietary need with open arms, whether you are Paleo, Vegan, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Raw Food or just looking to empower yourself by eating healthier while caring for our planet.

Every order starts with the finest, freshest ingredients available. We then prepare everything using methods that ensure their life-enhancing nutrients remain intact, delivering the highest form of energy directly to your body’s cells with each sip and every bite. All of our foods – even our sweet stuff – is unprocessed, full of nutrition, tastes great, and is always made with love + good vibes.

A collage of images showing a breakfast bowl, almost raw sandwich, two juices, and avocado toast
toasting with two smoothies in front of the J Bar sign in Harwich Port

The J. Bar Vision

Owner Erin A. Tucker has channeled her decades of experience in pursuing a healthful way of life into conceiving J. Bar’s menu and its art-filled, eclectic atmosphere. A lifelong lover of adventure, Erin grew up believing in the power of nature and has always been drawn to healthful eating. It's her passion to prepare foods with only natural ingredients, using techniques which allow our food to remain in its purest, most-beneficial form.

Welcome to J. Bar, the ultimate spot to "Feed Yourself Healthy"